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Retro-Commissioning is a systematic process applied to existing buildings to identify and implement operational and maintenance improvements and ensure their continued performance over time. 

Depending on the age of the building, retro-commissioning can often resolve problems that occurred during design / construction, or address problems that have developed during the building’s life. As a whole, retro-commissioning is intended to improve a building’s operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures and enhance overall building performance with low / no cost facility improvement measures.

Retro-commissioning assures system functionality by “stepping back” to move forward. It is an inclusive and systematic process that can not only optimize how equipment and systems operate, but can also improve how systems function together. Although retro-commissioning may, at times, include recommendations for capital improvements, the primary focus is on using O&M tune-up activities and diagnostic testing to optimize the building systems. 

Retro-commissioning is not a substitute for major repair work.  However, it can often identify solutions that would not be discovered without the use of a systematic process that encompasses the whole building's systems.  As such, it requires a well-rounded firm with commissioning engineers that possess real world experience across all disciplines. 

The following reasons have been identified by Owners as the primary objectives for retro-commissioning a project:

Bring equipment to its proper operational state
Reduce complaints
Reduce energy and demand costs
Increase equipment life
Improve indoor air quality
Increase tenant satisfaction
Improve facility operation and maintenance
Reduce staff time spent on emergency calls. 

Re-commissioning is intended to be a recurring process during a project’s planning and design phases. When re-commissioning is planned for, better operation and lower energy use are the standard result. 

Think of re-commissioning as a regular tune-up for your building, just as you would do for your car. Generally, new cars perform with no incidence of breakdown, just as you would expect of your new building. However, you provide regular, preventative maintenance to your car, like an oil change or an inspection sticker for safety and emissions. Well, you need to do the same for your building. Running some diagnostics and spot checking system performance to determine how well your building is performing, is a proactive, preventative approach to long-term, sustainable operation. Additionally, with energy prices moving ever higher, the need for more fully-optimized operation and control of your building are imperative. 

How efficiently and effectively is your building operating? If you're not sure, please give us a call and we’ll help you find out.

Typical Re-commissioning Tasks:
Perform an initial site walk-through and generate general information about the building.
Develop a scope of work, with the Owner, based on information from the site walk-through.
Develop a Re-commissioning Plan based on specific project requirements and findings.
Review the existing building documentation.
Perform a detailed on-site assessment of the current operation and maintenance (O&M) practices.
Develop continuous monitoring and testing plans.
Perform short-term diagnostic monitoring, using metering and Building Management System (BMS).
Perform (BMS) historical data and trend logging where appropriate.
Develop, perform, document and oversee functional test procedures, as needed.
Calculate and determine energy savings. Assist the Owner with prioritizing the most cost-effective improvements and implementation.
Develop a Re-commissioning Investigation Report to summarize findings and provide recommendations for implementation of selected measures.
Prepare the Re-commissioning Implementation Plan.
Oversee or assist with the implementation of the selected improvements.
Compile verification data by performing post-implementation monitoring and testing activities to verify proper operation.
Calculate energy savings based on before and after short-term energy measurements and set a benchmark.
Submit the Re-commissioning Final Report (a summary of the entire project and O&M guidelines for each measure).
If required, provide training on the implemented measures and how to ensure improvements persist over time.
Provide a Re-commissioning Plan for the Owner and staff.

Facility Assessment

AFS Agents has over 15 years of experience conducting facility and system assessments. Assessments generally precede building additions, renovations and replacements. The assessment process, by default, provides the Owner with beneficial information in solving specific operating issues. Each assessment is customized to the Owner's specific goals/objectives which may include the following:
Pre-design / pre-construction planning
Facility engineering & management improvements
Troubleshooting performance problems and recommend resolutions
Indoor air quality (IAQ) investigations, improvements & problem solving
Integrated life-safety performance and verification
Energy audits and conservation measures to improve efficiencies and energy use
Building system trending & seasonal performance evaluations 


Frequently, we discover issues in buildings related to turnover in O&M staff or building management. Over time the building systems and its working infrastructure begin to falter, ultimately affecting the occupants. Here are a few typical scenarios:
Building management and control systems no longer meet the needs of the building
Electrical systems don't deliver reliable power supply at varying load requirements and modes of operation
HVAC systems don't maintain the desired temperatures, humidity and ventilation rates
Life-safety systems generate frequent trouble conditions or "false alarms"
Building systems and their interdependencies no longer function
Sequencing and system function no longer align with the original intended operation
Plumbing systems don't provide adequate hot and cold water at desired temperature and pressure
AFS Agents has a staff of commissioning professionals, systems specialist and professional engineers that offer the tools and resources to assist you in resolving building operational issues. With our extensive background in commissioning, DDC controls, building operations and TAB knowledge, AFS Agents is your firm of choice for troubleshooting systems and building operational issues. We bring to you years of practical know-how and working knowledge to help get your facility and systems operating better and more efficiently.


As a full service TAB contractor certified in Air and Hydronic balancing, we can provide all standard test and balance services as well as offer more specialized assistance:
  • HEPA / ULPA Filtration Systems
  • Process Exhaust / semiconductor tool / gas & chem. distribution exhaust
  • Cascading Pressurization
  • Laboratory Fume / Containment Hood Exhaust
  • Biohazard Suite Isolation
  • Smoke Zone Management
  • Energy Recovery Systems
  • Kitchen Ventilation
  • Multi Riser Tower Designs
  • Large Central Utility Plants
  • Multi-zone Recirculated Hot Water
  • Process Cooling Water
  • Usage / Capacity analysis
  • Ultrasonic flow measurement / Pipe thickness measurement