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Building Commissioning is a rapidly growing professional practice that is being embraced by public and private organizations because buildings that are delivered according to the owner's intent, typically have fewer change orders, tend to be more energy efficient, and have lower operation and maintenance cost.

Most of today's newest HVAC systems are being designed with many more individually controlled temperature zones to improve occupant comfort. Variable speed fans and pumps are becoming more commonplace to provide the exact amount of heating and cooling system capacity in a manner that minimizes overall energy usage. New occupant air ventilation codes are much more restrictive and at the same time building envelopes are becoming much tighter. The combination of constantly changing HVAC airflow rates and increased demand for fresh- and filtered-ventilation air for all occupants is placing more emphasis on fine tuning HVAC system operation.
The building construction industry is experiencing a major growth in demand for experienced and certified testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) contractors who can balance today's complex HVAC systems.
From the start of any project, we understand the need to develop a building where the internal environment is balanced, providing comfortable spaces for occupants while keeping carbon emissions and running costs as low as possible. Achieving this requires an integrated approach, working with all members of the design team to ensure that the electrical systems are strategically integrated into the project.

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